U Messenger review

What is U Messenger?

U Messenger is a messaging platform that has a ton of features. This includes photo sharing, stickers, voice messages, texts, and some more unique features we’ll get into here in a moment. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store.

U Messenger has a lot of features. You can text people like your standard messaging apps or you can send photos like you can in apps like Snapchat. Group messaging is supported for pretty much all features which is a bonus and you can use things like audio messages and stickers which are also nice bonuses. The interface is classy even if it doesn’t follow the Android design guidelines.

By far the most interesting features of U Messenger are the additional features. There is a feature called Recall that allows you to delete messages even after they’re sent. That means if you make a mistake and need to take it back, you have the opportunity to do so. It removes it from both your device and their device. The Break Up feature is an extension of that and deletes all history on both your device and their device.

There is also a self destruct feature that deletes content after a set time frame much like Snapchat and Delay Send which sends messages at specific times or dates. A fun use for Delay Send would be to have a birthday message prepared in advance and the app will send it on its own. When you combine it, you have one of the more complete messaging platforms available.

U Messenger screenshot

This is good enough to compete in the messaging space.


All the standard features including voice, text, picture messages, and stickers.
Snapchat-style self-destruct messages and Delay Send messages are a nice touch and add depth to the platform.
The ability to delete messages from both yours and their devices (and vice versa) is awesome and a consistently sought after feature.
Free to use. No in app purchases.
Group messaging.


There are some bugs that still need to be worked on including country-specific issues.
Prepare to go through that 'hey, you should use this messaging app' discussion with your friends.
The interface is good but it could be better.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s worth trying this out. As with any other messaging platform, you’ll have to convince your friends and family to try it along with you but that’s a hurdle of all messaging platforms. There are a lot of solid features here and we imagine that the issues will be worked out over time. It’s also totally free.

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