Update (12/12): According to the official Twitter blog, you can now stitch together multiple tweets and publish them all at once in one “tweetstorm.” The company calls it threading: where people post multiple tweets to convey a long message. This feature is finally available, and all you have to do is tap the plus button in the composer. This is great news for people who tend to go on long rants, but this means that people like Donald Trump, too, get to publish tweetstorms much more easily. For better or for worse.

Original post (9/10): Do you get mad? Do you use Twitter to voice your opinion on politics, technology, or how Disney still hasn’t released an official trailer for The Last Jedi?

If so, we’ve got some good news — you might soon be able to publish your very own tweetstorm all at once.

According to screenshots given to Matt Navarra, director of Social Media at The Next Web, Twitter is working on a feature that will allow you to compose multiple threaded Tweets (aka tweetstorm) at one time and publish them all at once. Check out the screenshots below to see the new feature in action:

TechCrunch says the new tweetstorming feature isn’t being publicly tested at this time. Because of this, it’s unclear as to when Twitter will roll this feature out to everyone. We’ll of course keep you updated if we hear anything, though the social media giant declined to comment to both TechCrunch and Recode.

Sometimes the 140 character limit just isn’t enough to get all of your thoughts out, which is why threaded Tweets are a thing. However, composing multiple tweets, one right after the other, can be time consuming, and they can be easy to mess up. Hopefully this feature will begin rolling out sooner rather than later.