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If searching for a Twitter handle is simply too complicated, you may enjoy the latest solution the popular social network has just launched. Are you a fan of QR codes? Yep, those are now available on Twitter!

You may be familiar with these thanks to Snapchat, another popular social network, which just so happens to use these handy tools.

So, what is this QR code thing? Twitter can create a link between an image and your account, making it easy for others to add you by simply pointing their smartphone cameras at the QR code.

Accessing the QR code options is easy. Simply open the Twitter app, swipe from the left side to pull out your options and select “QR code”. You will then get the option to scan a code, but you can also select “My QR code”. This will create your very own code, which you can take a screenshot of and share away.

That’s it! But we do have to wonder just how helpful this tool is. Is it something you will be using? So far I haven’t even touched the QR codes on Snapchat. I just tell people my username. But hey, hit the comments to let us know if you disagree.

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