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If you have been following our coverage of the Turing Phone you will know this is no typical handset. This phone is secure inside and out. Not only does it maintain your information private, but it also keeps it safe with a body that can withstand rough handling like we very seldom see.

The Turing Phone is made of liquidmetal, aluminum and polycarbonate, making for a build quality that can handle some tough drops. In addition, Turing made sure to make this phone waterproof by coating both the inside and outside components in this device. But we can’t just grab a review unit and test its resistance, right?

Well, Turing can, and that is exactly what they have done. Turing has sent us a couple videos showcasing their phone’s resistance to torture and the elements. Let’s take a look at them!

Drop test

In this video we can see the phone being thrown at a wall and bouncing off into what looks like solid concrete. Of course, we can’t certify that it’s really concrete, but that surface sure looks hard!

The test was performed twice, and other than what look like scratches on the edges, the phone looks fine. The screen is in perfect condition. Not many phones would be able to handle this kind of treatment, guys. I mean, I have broken other “rugged” devices easier than what we can see here.

Water test

Now it’s time to see if this thing is really waterproof. Turing swears that this dual protection will keep the phone safe even if water does reach the innards of the phone, and according to what this video showcases this seems to be the case.

We can see a working Turing Phone being dunked in a fountain and left in there for quite a while. When retrieved, everything works perfectly.

Wrapping up

Pretty solid, right? The videos look legit and it doesn’t seem to me like Turing did anything weird to try to dupe the results.

With this in mind, this is looking like a very enticing phone for those looking to get a secure, private and durable smartphone. Starting at $610, it is a bit pricey compared to current competitors, but it offers a level of security that is hard to beat, has a solid build quality and packs pretty good specs, at least compared with similar niche devices, which usually cost a fortune and offer lackluster performance.

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