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Turing's 'Dark Wyvern' up for preoder, comes with Armor case enabling 60GHz data transfers

The Turing Phone Series II version, more commonly known as the "Dark Wyvern," is now available for pre-order, and it comes with something special: a WiGig-enabled case for super fast data transfers.

Published onSeptember 24, 2015

If you have been following the Turing Phone you know the regular version of the device will begin shipping on December 11. We have given the Turing Phone the hands-on treatment and know what to expect from it, but Turing Robotic Industries is throwing in a little something extra for those of you who decide to purchase the Turing Phone Series II version, more commonly known as the “Dark Wyvern,” which is now available for pre-order.

Those who purchase the $999 Dark Wyvern will also receive the Turing Armor protective case. This may sound trivial, but wait until you hear the details around this case – it’s not your usual one. The company is highlighting the super fast data transfer technology, called Wind Tunnel, that comes integrated in this phone cover. The gadget is WiGig-enabled, which means it supports data transfers of about 3.2 GB in under 25 seconds. It can also back up  64 GB of data in less than 8 minutes.

“We are committed to the WiGig future and to heterogeneous networking and have been working on making it viable for our customers since early 2015.” -SYL Chao, CEO of TRI

Fast transfers are cool and all, but we are also excited about the additional features this case has to offer. The Turing Armor comes with  a 3,000 mAh battery, a microUSB port and a 3.5 mm headset jack!

turing dark wyvern

Now, the latter two additions may not sound that ground breaking to many of you, but those who have been following the Turing Phone know this is kind of a big deal. Because the Turing Phone focuses on security and privacy, it leaves no chances for attackers to access it. For Turing, this meant getting rid of the microUSB port and headset jack, leaving only a proprietary port that supports no more than charging.

This means the Turing Armor will not only keep the phone safer, but it will also substantially improve battery life, grant faster data transfers and even offer you the ports many of you were hoping for. And the best part is that it’s pretty much “free” for those who buy the Dark Wyvern Turing Phone.

Also worth mentioning is that those who already pre-ordered the regular Turing Phone are not exactly left stranded. TRI will upgrade you to the Dark Wyvern upon request (and payment). How many of you are pre-ordering the Turing Phone Dark Wyvern handset? Hit the comments and let us know which feature on the Turing Armor is more exciting to you.

[press]San Francisco, CA – (September 24, 2015) -Turing Robotic Industries (TRI), the pioneer in trustworthy mobile device technology, today announced that its Dark Wyvern (Turing Phone Series II) will be available with the Turing Armor, the industry’s first true 5G WiGig high-speed data transfer solution. The company will begin taking pre-orders on September 24.

TRI’s Wind Tunnel 60GHz data transfer technology will be available on the company’s 4G/LTE Dark Wyvern flagship edition of Turing Phone in the form of a WiGig-enabled Turing Armor protective case, a configuration available for order and timed to deliver before Christmas.

TRI Wind Tunnel proximity data transfer technology can transfer 3.2GB of data in under 25 seconds and back up 64GB of data in less than eight minutes.

“We are committed to the WiGig future and to heterogeneous networking and have been working on making it viable for our customers since early 2015,” says SYL Chao, CEO of TRI. “Our WiGig-enabled Turing Armor will allow users to easily backup their phone data in minutes using a Wind Tunnel USB stick connected to a PC or Mac.”

The Dark Wyvern is constructed of a dark grey version of Turing’s signature unbendable Liquidmorphium and offers the same unique authentication methodology, chip platform, screen and dimensions as the company’s Series I phones. This 128GB flagship edition will be available at US$999 and comes with the Turing Armor WiGig case, with 3000mAh battery pack, Micro-USB and 3.5mm earphone jack built in. TRI also announced that it will upgrade reservations of Series I Turing Phone to Dark Wyvern upon customer request.

Pre-orders for the Dark Wyvern and Turing Phone with WiGig Turing Armor case can be made starting September 24 by going to <>

About Turing Robotic Industries Corp.

Turing Robotic Industries Corp. (TRI) builds trustworthy mobile technologies. The company’s mission is to help individuals and organizations create trustworthy networks in which communications and data are safe from cyber threats. The Turing Phone, the company’s flagship Liquidmorphium phone, facilitates this mission by employing a decentralized authentication methodology using static key exchange. Turing’s anonymous key distribution infrastructure is able to provide unique identifiers and trustworthy connectivity for an infinite number of devices. Turing Robotic Industries is headquartered in San Francisco, California with the Turing Phone division in Helsinki, Finland. To learn more, visit[/press]

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