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Tune, an AI-powered Chrome extension, hides toxic web comments

It's still experimental, but it could act as a toxic comment filter to benefit your own sanity.

Published onMarch 12, 2019

Promotional imagery for the Tune Chrome Extension which blocks toxic comments online.

It’s no secret that racism, bigotry, sexism, and general toxicity run rampant on many social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many others have worked hard over the past few years to address this enormous problem. However, things haven’t gotten much better.

Enter “Tune,” a new Chrome extension that uses AI smarts to filter out toxic comments around the web. The simple and intuitive interface allows you to spin a series of dials to choose just how much filtering you want to have.

The extension is built off an earlier system called Perspective, built by the Alphabet offshoot Jigsaw. Notably, Twitter and YouTube are already using Perspective to help track and moderate toxic comments.

Google: No more YouTube comments on almost every video featuring minors
The YouTube logo as of 2019.

With the Tune Chrome extension, you can choose to turn all toxicity off (called “zen mode”) or experiment with different settings to find one that works for you. It should be noted, however, that the system is definitely imperfect: toxic comments will likely slip through the filter and Tune might block non-offensive comments accidentally.

Still, the more people that use it and give feedback on the experience, the better Tune can be at doing what it does.

It should also be noted that Tune doesn’t work across the entire web, but rather only on specific platforms. The big names are all here though, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Disqus (which we use for our comments here at Android Authority).

Click the button below to give the Tune Chrome extension a try.

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