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Truemessenger: an SMS app that will kill spam and identify unknown callers

This really changes everything, making your calling experience a much more pleasant and uncluttered one. Truecaller is bringing the same convenience to SMS messages by releasing Truemessenger.

Published onJuly 8, 2015


Every advanced form of communication has a way to filter spam and unwanted contacts, but the new era has failed to reach traditional calls and SMS messages. To many of us these feel like archaic services. I mean, imagine if your email didn’t filter out spam – what a mess! Thankfully the new era of smart devices and services provides ways to combat these issues, something developer Truecaller has been doing for the past 5 years.

Truecaller and Truedialer serve over 150 million members world-wide. A strong community has been built around these Contacts and Dialer app replacements. Users can report SPAM, telemarketers and other unwanted callers – the service will then recognize these numbers and put them out of the way for you, sending them straight into the spam folder.


This really changes everything, making your calling experience a much more pleasant and uncluttered one. Truecaller is bringing the same convenience to SMS messages via their new app Truemessenger, which they have just announced.

The concept behind Truemessenger is simple… and pretty much identical to its sister apps. It keeps a record of unwanted numbers, spammers, fraudulent messages and recognizes odd behavior, creating an effective filtering system for your SMS inbox. Finally, our messages can be safe and you don’t have to worry (as much) about those pesky messages that just waste our time.

Truemessenger Features:
  • The ability to put a name to a number, even for contacts outside your phonebook
  • The resources to detect, block, and report spam alongside other Truecaller members to build a smarter community
  • The option to avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts
  • A clean Inbox where spam messages are magically sent to a separate folder
  • The ability to add advanced filtering options by creating customized filters with known spam keywords or number series (area codes or country codes
  • Truemessenger Bonus: Exclusive message alert tone brought to you by Avicii

SMS messaging may be antiquated, but it is not going anywhere soon. A lot of the world still depends on it, and we must keep in mind internet availability is not as widespread everywhere in the planet. At least with an app like Truemessenger we can make SMS a bit smarter.

It might be important to note these services continue to be completely free and Truecaller is making no money out of its users. The company states right now the main focus is on growing their user base; making money out of the app will come later. It may be hard to monetize Caller and SMS replacement apps without turning the interface into an advertising nightmare, but some competitors have managed to do it by offering in-app purchases (selling themes, emoticons, extra features, etc.). Maybe that is a path they may choose to take in the future.


Also, this happens to be an Android-only app for now. As many of you may know, Apple doesn’t play well with calling and messaging replacements. We suppose it’s their loss! Truemessenger will continue to expand to other markets in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open. For now, you can go ahead and check out their Truecaller and Truedialer apps to see what their services are all about. Are you joining the Truemessenger revolution? I will be downloading the app as soon as it shows up!

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