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Transformers: Heavy Metal — What you need to know about the new AR mobile game

The game comes from Niantic, the same studio behind the smash-hit Pokémon Go.

Published onJune 14, 2021

During E3 2021, Niantic, Hasbro, and Takara Tomy announced a new mobile AR game in the works known as Transformers: Heavy Metal. As one would expect, the game will focus on characters and other properties within the Transformers universe.

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So far, Niantic is being quiet on exact details for the game. However, we’ve collected everything we know about Heavy Metal in this article! Be sure to bookmark this page and revisit it often, as we will update it consistently with new information as we find it.

What is Transformers: Heavy Metal?

Niantic is the same company behind the smash-hit AR game Pokémon Go. Therefore, it should be unsurprising to learn that Transformers: Heavy Metal appears to be a very similar augmented reality (AR) game.

In the game, you will be a human member of the Guardian Network, which works together with the Autobots in its never-ending war against the Decepticons. Your task will be to uncover hidden areas of Earth to harvest resources that will help you battle it out with Decepticons. Battles will be turn-based and can be done solo or with friends.

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Seattle-based Very Very Spaceship is the development studio for the game, while Niantic is the publisher. This is an officially licensed game, so it has full support from Hasbro and Takara Tomy, which own the Transformers franchise.

It is as yet unclear if the game will tie in directly with the popular film franchise.

When does the game come out?

Niantic is being very vague when it comes to the release details for Transformers: Heavy Metal. That being said, here’s what we know so far.

At some point “soon,” there will be a soft launch in “select markets.” This soft launch — which will likely be similar to a beta program — will last for an undisclosed period of time.

Afterward, the game will see a global launch. The only specific launch country listed in press materials is Japan. This makes sense as the Transformers franchise is a Japanese property. However, it’d probably be a safe bet to assume that Transformers: Heavy Metal will land in most or all of the same countries as Pokémon Go.

There is no date for the global launch, but Niantic says it will happen in 2021.

Which Transformers will appear in the game?

Transformers Heavy Metal Bumblebee Concept
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Niantic showed off the above concept art for the popular Autobot character Bumblebee. The company also specifically referred to Optimus Prime in its press materials. Being that these are the two most well-known characters in the franchise, it’s unsurprising to see they will be a part of the game.

The in-game screenshots from earlier in this article also show five additional characters (the fifth one is in the second screenshot very far in the background). Also, Wheeljack is mentioned as running the game’s mailing list.

However, considering this is an officially licensed title, you can expect all the major characters to appear, including the arch-nemesis of Optimus Prime, the Decepticon leader Megatron.

How can you stay up-to-date on Transformers: Heavy Metal news?

Transformers Heavy Metal Website

Niantic has an email list that will keep you posted on the latest info. You can sign up for it here. The emails will come from Wheeljack, the mad scientist of the Autobots. This email list will also notify you the instant the game lands.

Additionally, there are specific social media accounts for the game. Check out the links below:

That’s everything we know so far about Transformers: Heavy Metal. Keep this page bookmarked so you can stay up-to-date on the latest news!