It appears the Japanese tech companies Toshiba, VAIO, and Fujitsu have decided that it’s time to ban together to stand up against Lenovo NEC. Bloomberg News is reporting that VAIO is nearing the final stages of a series of negotiations which would merge itself into both Toshiba and Fujitsu. The resulting super-company might just give Lenovo NEC a run for its money.

Toshiba CEO resigns amid $1.2B false accounting scandal

If you’ve been keeping tabs on these PC rangers, you might remember that Toshiba took a hard hit in December, cutting 7,800 jobs in the fallout of an accounting scandal. Rumors circulated that the company might be withdrawing from the PC making business entirely, but Toshiba is nothing if not scrappy. Last week’s announcement that the company would be sticking to their guns in spite of their struggling electronics division left some scratching their heads, but word of this merger casts their strategy in a new light.

The PC landscape in general is becoming a battleground of titans. Smaller companies are beginning to fuse together to remain competitive with powerhouses HP, Dell, and Lenovo. If Toshiba, VAIO and Fujitsu carry out this merger successfully, they may rise as one of leading competitors in this brutal market. We don’t have any word yet regarding branding or products, and the deal has yet to be officially announced. Hidemi Moue, chief executive officer of Japan Industrial Partners has said that we can expect a formal press release by the end of Q1.

What are your thoughts regarding the combining of these PC giants? Will the resulting merged company be able to find footing on the global playing field? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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