From killing off contracts and bringing back unlimited data plans to a rewards program, T-Mobile‘s Uncarrier events tend to include some sort of significant progression for the magenta-colored carrier. That trend looks to continue with T-Mobile’s upcoming Uncarrier Next event, which the magenta-colored carrier with a predictably-vague teaser video.

The video did not say much of anything about what the event might entail, but rumors peg a program that will reduce the prices of flagship smartphones like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30, among others. It will reportedly replace T-Mobile’s JUMP! program and target those who pay for a smartphone outright.

There are also rumors that T-Mobile will launch a self-branded flagship smartphone, which itself is rumored to be part of the carrier’s Revvl series. T-Mobile already announced the Revvl, which mainly sticks to the low-end, and our sources emphasized that two more powerful Revvl devices are in the works, so an unveiling at Uncarrier Next is not outside the realm of possibility.

Even if the Uncarrier Next event does not amount to much, T-Mobile has already had a busy 2017. The carrier succeeded in purchasing the 600 Mhz spectrum that should appreciably expand its US coverage, with the recently-announced V30 the first phone to support the new network.

Still, we will keep close tabs on Uncarrier Next and report back with all the bits. The event is slated to kick off on Wednesday, September 6 at 8:00am PST (11:00am EST).

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