Titanium Backup screenshot update 2015

If you have ever rooted your Android device, then you know the importance of creating backups; and lots of them. And chances are, you’ve probably come across Titanium Backup, one of the best root apps on the Google Play Store. It offers a plethora of features that makes it easy for you to keep your data safe from accidental factory resets, data failure, and overzealous flashing. And now, Titanium Backup has reached version 7.2, and with it comes the regular bug fixes you’d expect, as well as official support for the Android M preview.

If you are lucky enough to own a Nexus device and currently have Android M installed, then now you actually have solid support for simple backups. While Titanium already supported Android M to a certain extent, there were a few bugs that needed ironing out. Also included in the update is support for the HTC One Max’s SD card, and for PRO users, bug fixes pertaining to the Box API code and an easy way to clear cloud-based authentication tokens.

So if you have been holding out on trying the Android M preview on your Nexus device, now it is a much cleaner process as you can safely backup your device prior to installing, then simply restore it after flashing Android M (which does require a full wipe of your device). Let us know what you think about Android M and this new update down in the comments.