• Tinder’s changes to its terms of use prevent its users from filing or joining lawsuits against the dating app.
  • The changes are also retroactive and prevent participation in past lawsuits.
  • You can opt out of the changes, though the process is not extremely straightforward and you have a limited amount of time to do so.

If you are Tinder and wanted to limit the number of lawsuits thrown your way, why not limit everyone else’s ability to do so? That is exactly what the mobile dating app looks to have done in the latest change to its terms of use.

Spotted by a handful of Tinder users, section 16 of the terms of use now states that neither you or the dating app can go to court to “assert or defend any claims between you and Tinder.” You also cannot participate in a class action lawsuit or other class proceeding, whether they be past, present, or future class action lawsuits.

Even though you can opt out of the additions, Tinder does not make it easy to do so. You must send an email to tinderoptout@match.com with your full name, actual address, email address, phone number associated with your Tinder account, and a statement that you are opting out of the “Retroactive Application of this Arbitration Agreement.”

You have until June 7 to opt out of the changes, which are likely an attempt to settle disputes through the American Arbitration Association rather than the court system.

The changes might also be in response to the numerous lawsuits it currently faces. One such lawsuit deals with alleged age discrimination against older users, since those over 30 years old had to pay $20 for Tinder Plus. By comparison, younger users paid either $10 or $15 for the premium service.

Another lawsuit deals with alleged discrimination against transgender individuals. According to Ariel Hawkins, Tinder deleted her profile after she added “camgirl on the side. preop trans woman” to her profile’s bio.

A few hours after the edit, Tinder reportedly notified her that her account violated the app’s terms of use and was subsequently deleted as a result.

The age and transgender discrimination lawsuits are ongoing.

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