It looks like High Voltage Software’s The Conduit is finally making its way off the Wii and onto Tegra 3-powered Android devices with the new port, The Conduit HD. The game is available now at the Google Play store.

A hardcore gaming system the Wii was not, but this was probably one of the cooler things to come out of the console that wasn’t made by Nintendo itself. For those that don’t know, The Conduit HD is a fast-paced FPS that focuses on blasting away at aliens in a near-future America.

The story isn’t exactly that amazing, but it still makes for a decent enough game. During your alien ass-kicking rampage you will find yourself coming into contact with eight different weapons that will help you complete the game’s nine different missions.

So how well does the game’s controls work, considering they were designed for the Wii? While originally design with motion controls in mind, the Android port has been tweaked to create dynamic touch-controls in its place. For those that aren’t into using a touchscreen for shooters, the game also works well with Bluetooth game controllers as well.

Unfortunately, the port doesn’t feature multiplayer, but on the bright side, you can play the first two missions totally for free. Looking to unlock the rest of the game? That will set you back $4.99.

So far most of the Google Play user reviews for the game seem to be positive, though there are some complaints on crashing and other bugs. What do you think, worth giving this one a try?

Andrew Grush
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