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The Boys season 4: Expected release date and the latest rumors

An official date is out!

Published onMay 4, 2024

While you and I eagerly waited for The Boys season 4 to come out, the universe came at us with an unexpected snag. Initially meant to premiere much earlier, The Boys season 4 production ran into a delay with the WGA strike, but it looks like everything is back on track now.

Fans need not fret too much — the show’s spin-off is gearing up for a debut on Prime Video this September 29th, 2023. Let’s dive deep and unravel all the details about the upcoming show and find out what The Boy’s season 4 release date is. 

Also, have you watched the Gen V yet? This spin-off was released in September 2023. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

When is The Boys season 4 coming out

While the cameras started rolling in Toronto back in 2022, the WGA strike threw a spanner in the works, pushing back the release.

The confirmed release date for The Boys season 4 is June 13, 2024. The season will premiere with 3 episodes to start with.

Is The Boys season 4 the last season?

It’s time to silence those whispers and rumors! Creator Eric Kripke has given a definitive word: season 4 isn’t where the journey ends for The Boys. A fifth season is already on the horizon. And let’s not forget the highly anticipated spin-off, Gen V. Promising to transport fans into the training grounds of The Boys universe, think of it as a darker, edgier counterpart to Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series.

How many episodes will The Boys season 4 have

Fans can anticipate a roller-coaster ride with eight episodes that will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Each one of the current three seasons also has eight episodes.

What to expect from The Boys season 4

Here’s a preview of what’s to come. 

Homelander’s Revelations

Last season gave us a startling revelation of Homelander introducing Becca’s son, Ryan, to the world. With a genetic lineage from Homelander himself, the potential for Ryan’s powers to mirror, if not surpass, those of his father’s is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Soldier Boy’s Resilience

Despite taking a severe beating in the previous season, Soldier Boy is far from out of the game. With his history rooted deep within the Vought universe, he remains an essential player to watch.

Starlight’s Alliance

Having started as a hopeful and genuine member of the Seven, Starlight’s transformation has been profound. Now, her alliance with The Boys is solid, open, and no longer shrouded in secrets. How this dynamic changes the power play within The Seven and with Vought will be intriguing.

Queen Maeve’s New Path

After a dramatic decision to relinquish her powers and fake her own death, Queen Maeve is on a path filled with uncertainties. With the stakes higher than ever, her character’s development will potentially offer some of the most poignant moments of the season.

Creator Eric Kripke has been teasing fans with hints about new Supes joining the cast, even if The Boys season 4 release date is undeclared as of now. Described as some of the “best & craziest” additions yet, these new characters are bound to shake things up, perhaps challenging the status quo and bringing fresh conflicts to the surface. Stay tuned for more!


Yes, the cast and crew completed filming for The Boys season 4 in April 2023.

Absolutely. Jensen Ackles hinted at Soldier Boy’s comeback in season 4 during an interview with Awards Radar. He confirmed that despite Soldier Boy being captured, the character is still very much alive. Given Soldier Boy’s significant role in the Vought universe, it’s nearly impossible for him to be sidelined.

Yes, show creator Eric Kripke has plans for Queen Maeve’s return in the upcoming season.

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