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The BLUETTI AC60 portable power station is the ideal outdoor companion

Cover all your power needs on the go.
Brought to you by BLUETTI

Published onApril 26, 2023

BLUETTI AC60 lifestyle image 1

With summer quickly heading our way, it’ll soon be time to start planning outdoor road and camping trips. Beyond packing the essentials to camp in the middle of nowhere or head out on an exciting road trip across the country, it’s important to make sure that you’re able to meet your power needs while on the go. Whether to keep your smartphones and laptops charged or power the mini-fridge to keep your drinks cold, a good power solution can make all the difference. And that’s where BLUETTI and its latest portable power station, the AC60, come in!

BLUETTI is known for its green energy solutions for indoor and outdoor use. The company’s wide range of portable power stations is a great way to meet a user’s specific power needs when out and about. Its latest product – the AC60 portable power station – offers the perfect mix of power and connectivity to make it an ideal companion for your upcoming outdoor excursions.

The BLUETTI AC60 power station is built for the outdoors

BLUETTI AC60 lifestyle image 2

The BLUETTI AC60 portable power station is a 600W inverter with a 403Wh LiFePO4 battery. It offers faster charging, impressive battery life, and safety features that surpass most traditional mini-power stations. The AC60’s relatively compact size helps it earn its portable moniker. The AC60 has dimensions of 11.3 x 8.5 x 9.7in and doesn’t require any more space than a small cooler or toolbox. It’s relatively light at just under 19lbs. And a convenient folding handle makes it easy to carry around.

But what makes it an ideal outdoor companion is its IP65 rating for dust and water resistance. While it understandably can’t be submerged, the rating ensures that the AC60 is well-protected from dust, sand, rain, and accidental splashes. BLUETTI has significantly improved the power station’s design to meet this dust and water resistance rating. The device’s circuits are isolated from the fan vents. BLUETTI used waterproof rubber to seal the outlets. And the case’s solid materials keep it protected from the elements.

BLUETTI AC60 lifestyle image 3

Of course, it’s not much of a power station if it can’t keep your devices powered up. That is luckily not a problem for the AC60. It comes with two AC power outlets, a 100W USB-C port, two standard USB-A ports, a 12V DC outlet, and a 15W wireless charging pad. You can use the AC60 to comfortably charge your phones, laptops, and other mobile peripherals multiple times. But BLUETTI takes things a step further with a 1200W Power Lifting Mode. This mode lets you run high-powered electronics and appliances like coffee makers, mini-fridges, small blenders, sandwich grills, and anything else under the 1200W upper limit.

The AC60 is also one of the fastest-charging portable power stations around. It has three charging modes – silent at 160W, standard at 255W, and turbo at 600W. Charging the device at 600W is particularly impressive, requiring just 1.2 hours for a full charge. So you won’t have to go too long without portable power. With support for car or lead-acid battery charging, you don’t have to worry about charging on the go. And you can also charge it at up to 200W using BLUETTI’s PV120 and PV200 solar panels and a wide range of third-party options. 

The B80 expansion battery makes the AC60 even better

BLUETTI AC60 and B80 water resistance

To take the AC60 portable power station to the next level, BLUETTI is also releasing the new B80 expansion battery. This 806Wh battery is an excellent way to expand the battery capacity of the AC60. And you can use multiple expansion battery packs together to offer a maximum capacity of 2,015Wh. The B80 also has an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance and uses the same battery cells to provide a cycle life of more than 3,000 cycles.

Apart from expanding the AC60’s capacity, the B80 can serve as a power bank for BLUETTI’s solar generators. This includes options like the EB3A, EB70, EB70S, and AC180 by using a compatible aviation to DC7909 cable. It also works as a standalone DC power source using the available USB-A, USB-C, and cigarette lighter charging ports. The B80 can charge smartphones and laptops multiple times and power a light for more than 60 hours. You can charge the B80 when coupled with the AC60 or on its own. The former supports AC adapters and 200W solar charging. 

The AC60 and B80 are significant breakthroughs in the world of portable power and are excellent buys for outdoor adventurers. Their many features include multiple charging options, the ability to power various gadgets and appliances, a compact and portable nature, dust and water resistance, and an industry-leading six-year warranty. You can rest assured that the BLUETTI AC60 and B80 will remain your outdoor power companion for a long time.

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