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Take the Galaxy S24’s protection and productivity further with UAG cases

Rugged protection is just one of the many selling points for UAG cases.
Brought to you by UAG

Published onFebruary 12, 2024

When you spend more than a thousand dollars on a phone, you’ll want to keep it pristine for as long as possible. All it takes is a surprisingly hard bump or an accidental drop at an awkward angle to find dented corners, bent frames, or shattered glass. A good protective case makes a world of difference, and UAG is one of the best case brands to turn to if you’re looking for complete rugged protection.

UAG’s cases are surprisingly thin and light for the protection they offer. For Samsung’s latest flagships, there are returning stalwarts like Kevlar® models for enhanced safety and magnetic modules to attach various accessories seamlessly. And with a new multi-tool case to take productivity to the next level, UAG helps you take your Galaxy S24 series smartphone further than ever before.

UAG cases for the Samsung Galaxy S24 seriesUAG cases for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series
UAG cases for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series
MSRP: $39.95
UAG offers thin, light, yet highly protective cases for Samsung's latest Galaxy S24 series, featuring Kevlar® models for enhanced safety, magnetic modules for accessory attachment, and useful productivity features. Despite their sleek design, these cases do not compromise on rugged protection, their hallmark trait, combining durability with style. Built with premium materials and excellent craftsmanship, UAG cases deliver top-notch protection.

Rugged protection is the name of the game

UAG Plyo Pro case for Galaxy S24 Ultra
Paul Jones / Android Authority

A slew of productivity features may not be the most useful if a case doesn’t keep a phone safe. Luckily, rugged protection remains UAG’s biggest selling point, and these cases manage to do so without tacking on thickness and weight while also being stylish.

With UAG’s Elevated Construction Formula, even its thinnest cases, like the Plasma, Plyo, and Plyo Pro, offer 16ft of drop protection while barely adding any bulk to the phone. More robust options that are also relatively thin and light feature 18ft to 20ft drop protection, while the top-tier Monarch Pro, which utilizes a unique multi-layer construction, manages an impressive 25ft drop protection.

Before diving into extras like MagSafe support, kickstands, or premium materials like Kevlar®, you can rest assured that whichever UAG case you pick, your Samsung Galaxy S24 will be protected.

Magnet modules open up a world of accessories

UAG Monarch PRO Magnetic Kevlar Series 2
Paul Jones / Android Authority

UAG’s magnet module makes a triumphant return on select cases for the Galaxy S24 series. It’s one of the toughest magnet integration solutions on the market, and the unique hexagonal design fits right in with UAG’s case aesthetic. The magnet ensures that the phone stays securely in place, whether attached to magnetic bike and car phone holders, charging accessories, or other peripherals.

Wirelessly charging the phone is a breeze with the magnet module, making the phone compatible with various third-party magnetic wireless chargers and UAG’s products, like the Wireless Charging Puck, which mimics the module’s hexagonal shape.

You’re not limiting your options, either, if you want a case with magnet support. Eight UAG cases come with the magnet module, from the two ultra-rugged Monarch Pro variants and three Pathfinder options to the comparatively thinner and lighter Metropolis LT, Plyo Pro, and new Plasma XTE.

Enjoy ultimate protection with Kevlar®

UAG Metropolis LT Pro case for Galaxy S24 Ultra camo 2
Paul Jones / Android Authority

Excellent build quality and premium materials are the foundation of any good protective case, and UAG’s cases aren’t lacking. However, if you want to take things to the next level and provide complete protection for your Galaxy S24, the jump to Dupont Kevlar® is the way to go.

The ultra-durable material enhances the rugged protection capabilities of UAG’s premium offering, the Monarch Pro, bringing 25ft of drop protection to the Galaxy S24. And if you don’t want something quite so rugged, the Metropolis LT features the perfect balance between weight, thickness, and device safety, with its Kevlar® build allowing for impressive drop protection without the bulk.

The new Plasma XTE brings utility to the forefront

UAG Plasma XTE case for Galaxy S24 Ultra
Paul Jones / Android Authority

The classics are great, and you can’t go wrong with any UAG case, whether you want something slim and light in the Plasma, a clear case to show off the phone’s design with the Plyo, or complete protection with the Monarch Pro. But if you’re looking for something to help with utility, the new Plasma XTE case for the Galaxy S24 series is the one you want.

You get the usual highlights of a UAG case — a beautiful design, 20ft drop protection, complete coverage with enhanced corners and covered buttons, and a magnet module to attach the phone to accessories and peripherals. But the Plasma XTE adds one more feature that makes it even more useful: a kickstand.

The foldout kickstand is sturdy enough to keep even the big and heavy Galaxy S24 Ultra stable, and its hexagonal shape doesn’t look out of place on a UAG case. Prop up the phone vertically while scrolling through social media or taking notes with the S Pen, or lay it on its side to catch up on your favorite videos, TV shows, and movies; you can comfortably do it all with the Plasma XTE.

There’s display protection too!

While every UAG case comes with a raised lip around the display to prevent significant screen damage in case of an accidental bump or drop, you can avoid scratches and more with UAG’s range of screen protectors for the Galaxy S24 series.

The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus get screen protection in the form of the Glass Shield Plus, which features double-strengthened tempered glass, anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coatings, and an anti-microbial coating for safety beyond accidental drops.

And there’s the Flex Shield Plus for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, a flexible screen guard made with a hybrid polymer material that makes it scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint. The best part? All the screen protectors work well with any UAG case.

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