Tested: Is a $400 iPhone SE really faster than the most powerful Android phone?

Gary Sims May 22, 2020 2321 shares

Lenovo Chromebook Duet review: Practically a steal

Eric Zeman May 20, 2020 113 shares

The iPhone SE is Appleā€™s time to shine in India

Dhruv Bhutani May 21, 2020 475 shares

Is selling your privacy for a cheaper phone really a good idea?

Suzana Dalul May 17, 2020 1692 shares
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Google reveals Pigweed is not an operating system (Update)

Google just unveiled its Pigweed project, revealing a new set of developer tools for embedded devices.
Hadlee SimonsMarch 20, 2020252 shares

Google says Fuchsia is about ‘pushing the state of the art’

Google says its next-generation OS isn't just about Android or Chrome, but about the future of computing on multiple form factors.
Eric ZemanMay 10, 201988 shares

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

The 276th Android Apps Weekly is live! This week we talk about some final numbers from 2018, a new upcoming game from Sega, and Epic Games' epic year along with more Android apps and ...
Joe HindyJanuary 5, 201997110 shares

Big surprise: Google’s Fuchsia OS will indeed run Android apps

It seems like you won't need to abandon your Android apps when Google's Fuchsia OS eventually arrives.
Hadlee SimonsJanuary 3, 20191139 shares

Google’s Fuchsia OS is being tested on the Honor Play

A code commit also reveals that Fuchsia OS now supports Huawei's Kirin 970 chipset.
Hadlee SimonsNovember 23, 2018955 shares

Google Fuchsia could replace Android and Chrome OS in the next five years (Updated)

Insider sources within Google spilled the beans on the search giant's ambitious project to unify Chrome OS and Android devices.
Oliver CraggJuly 19, 2018966 shares
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