T-Mobile has posted a teaser for a big announcement it plans to make at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Jan. 5. The reveal is part of the wireless provider’s “Un-Carrier” marketing campaign that it has been pushing for the last few years.

The teaser came in the form of a YouTube clip, with T-Mobile’s brash CEO John Legere getting accosted by various folks asking him, “What’s Next?” He assures us at the end of the clip that we will love what the company has in store less than three weeks from now.

T-Mobile has been extremely aggressive in launching new features and promotions in the past few years in its bid to take away subscribers from the other three major U.S. wireless carriers (Sprint, AT&T and Verizon). Some of those efforts have been controversial, such as its Binge On feature that offers customers ways to access various streaming services without affecting their cellular data allotments. In the beginning, some customers did notice that videos from all services were streamed at a lower resolution quality when Binge On was enabled.

More recently, T-Mobile got hit with criticism with its revamped “unlimited” plans. Many people didn’t like that the carrier put in Binge On’s 480p video streaming restrictions with the new plan unless you pay $25 extra a month.

What do you think T-Mobile’s latest “Un-Carrier” promotion or feature will be when it is revealed on Jan. 5? Feel free to speculate in the comments.

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