• T-Mobile has added 70 new countries to its Simple Global plan.
  • The Un-carrier now offers $5 daily international data passes that provide up to 512MB of LTE data.

T-Mobile has been leading the charge on making it extremely easy for American customers to continue using their U.S.-based carrier when traveling internationally. Through a program T-Mobile calls Simple Global, Un-carrier users get unlimited 2G data and texting the moment they step into a select number of foreign countries. To make that experience even better, T-Mobile has announced that Simple Global will soon expand to 210 total countries.

But the addition of a new daily international data pass is what should excite international travelers. Instead of being stuck on a 2G network for the entirety of their trip, consumers can choose to pay $5 per day to enjoy up to 512MB of LTE data. Additionally, instead of having to pay $0.25 a minute for phone calls, users who opt for the data pass will enjoy unlimited calling. 

The updated Simple Global plan goes into effect on July 22 and will work for anyone on a T-Mobile One or legacy plan that included the international program.

The new $5 per day international data passes will then be made available starting on August 1. These can be purchased by either signing into the T-Mobile app, calling the customer service, or by following a link that will be sent to the user when their phone connects to a foreign network.

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