Google Motorola Nexus 6 Hands on Android 5.0 Lollipop -1

The phrase better late than never may apply to T-Mobile and its delayed Nexus 6 launch, however, unlike some of its rival carriers who are offering a scant 32GB of storage, the Uncarrier has both 32GB ($649.92) and 64GB ($699.89) variants available for purchase, each with $0 on contract. This translates to a device installment fee of $27.08 or $29.16 over the next 24 months. Still, for nothing up-front, it’s quite a good offer.

Of course, while it’s possible to order the Nexus 6, the real question is when will you get it. A report from earlier had indicated there were major supply problems, a leak that became much more plausible when the company informed customers it was delaying the launch. Despite adding the product to the shopping cart and beginning the check-out process, there was no indication as to the actual availability of Motorola’s whale phone.

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