Well that’s…embarrassing. After just two months of stocking the HTC 10, T-Mobile has decided it would rather dedicate that shelf space to something else. The HTC 10 has been pulled from T-Mobile’s online offerings and T-Mobile staff have confirmed that no more stock will be delivered to brick and mortar stores. The decision was apparently made sometime in July.

This can only mean the device has not been flying off shelves in ways T-Mobile expected, and the carrier has a reputation for ditching phones that aren’t selling quickly enough. The same thing happened with the Priv, but even it hung around for half a year. A two-month window of availability for the HTC 10 might lead some to claim it never really had enough time to shine.

T-Mobile HTC 10

The HTC 10 has been widely praised as a return to form for HTC, which has been suffering a rough couple of years. But the phone hasn’t managed to catch on with consumers as well as it probably should have (which we could also say about the HTC One M7 and One M8).

A high price tag and serious competition from the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge certainly haven’t helped though. HTC’s terrible marketing – if you can even call it that – is also largely to blame. The HTC 10 is, of course, still available from HTC and other carriers; although, for how long, we can’t say.

What do you think of the HTC 10? Did T-Mo pull the pin too early?

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