Planning a trip to Canada or Mexico? Maybe you frequently make visits north or south of the US border for business, family, or just fun? If so, T-Mobile’s service is about to get a whole lot more tempting to you.

This morning T-Mobile announced that its Simple Choice plans will include free roaming in Canada and Mexico starting July 15th. While T-Mobile already offered free international roaming before, it is now expanding the service to include full calling, texting, and 4G LTE coverage anywhere in these countries at no extra charge. Previously T-Mobile’s roaming options were limited to 2G, with higher speeds incurring additional fees.

Data usage will work the same in these countries as it would in the states. For example, if you are limited to 1GB of monthly data, that same monthly amount applies regardless of what country you’re in.

Plans that are eligible for free international roaming to and from Canada and Mexico begin at $50 (unlimited talk, text, and 1GB data) and go up from there. You’ll want to head on over to T-Mobile’s website for more details.