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Super Mario Run update lets you play as Daisy and more

The new Super Mario Run update lets you control Daisy as a playable character, but also adds a new world, a new gameplay mode and more.

Published onSeptember 28, 2017


Nintendo is rolling a major new update for its first true mobile game, Super Mario Run. The 2D endless running game now allows gamers to choose Daisy as a playable character. However, you will have to work to add Daisy to your playable character list.

People don’t actually want to pay for Super Mario Run

There’s a new gameplay mode called Remix 10 in this Super Mario Run update It lets players go through 10 very short courses in a row., along with some extra bonus games that will unlock new buildings that you can add to your kingdom. If you go through enough of these Remix 10 courses, you also unlock Daisy as a playable character. Her special ability is that she can double-jump while still in the air, which can come in handy.

In addition, you have an all new section to explore, World Star, with nine new courses that include a forest, a ship and even an airship armada. The Super Mario Run update also adds a nifty new feature that lets you play the music you have stored on your smartphone while playing the game. Indeed, when you turn on this feature, Mario and other characters also wear their own headphones. Finally. the update has made some changes to the Toad Rally mode, so that players will have a better chance to play against someone else who has a similar Toad population.

Normally, the game lets you play through a big chuck for free, but to unlock the rest you have to pay $9.99. However, for this big Super Marion Run update you can unlock the entire game for just $4.99. What do you think of this Super Mario Run update? Do you like the new Remix 10 mode and playing as Daisy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Previous update – April 25: Version 2.1 added Google Play trophies into Super Mario Run, along with a way for players to use their Miitomo character as player icons if they have the Miitomo app. It also increased the number of Toads you can have in your kingdom to 99,999 and you can now find friends in your Nintendo Account.