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Here are some of the major subreddits that will stay down indefinitely

Some of the biggest subreddits ever will not reopen at the formal conclusion of this week's protest.

Published onJune 13, 2023

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Over 300 major subreddits are staying dark indefinitely.
  • These subs will not budge until Reddit cedes to demands related to third-party API access.
  • In a leaked memo, Reddit’s CEO shows no signs of backing down.

Later today, the sitewide Reddit protest will officially come to a close. This 48-hour event saw over 7,000 subreddits shut down in an attempt to send a message to Reddit executives about their controversial decision to change the way third-party apps can access Reddit’s APIs. By tomorrow morning, a good chunk of these forums will be back to running as usual.

However, a subset of those forums will not reopen. As of this writing, over 300 subreddits are staying dark indefinitely. That number is going up every minute. These subs will continue to protest the changes until Reddit CEO Steve Huffman agrees to meet their demands.

Some of these committed subreddits are massive. First, there’s r/Aww, which has 34.1 million subscribers. r/Music is sticking out the fight with its 32.3 million users, as is r/Videos, with 26.6 million followers. We’ve compiled a list of some other popular subreddits that will stay dark until further notice:

  • r/Futurology
  • r/Apple
  • r/iPhone
  • r/AppleWatch
  • r/iPhoneApps
  • r/GoogleMaps
  • r/Cars
  • r/Autos
  • r/RetroHandhelds
  • r/Me_irl
  • r/AndroidHomescreen
  • r/PokemonGo
  • r/Hacker
  • r/DIY
  • r/MurderedByWords
  • r/TechNews
  • r/Garmin
  • r/Chess
  • r/NASA
  • r/NBA
  • t/TwoXChromosomes
  • r/Steam

Android Authority also reached out to a moderator of r/Android for an update on its status — check out the full story here.

What do the subreddits staying dark want?

In the post where subreddits are affirming their intentions to stay closed, moderators have explicitly laid out what they want. Essentially, there are three demands:

  • Toning down or fully removing most of the planned API changes and giving developers more time to adapt to the remaining changes
  • Keeping accessibility at the forefront, especially for Redditors who are blind
  • Making sure NSFW content is as accessible to third-party apps as it is to the official apps

Essentially, protesting subreddits want the site to keep things mostly the way they have been. Notably, some detractors have tried to say that protesting subreddits want API access to remain completely free. However, these demands fully concede that Reddit can charge third-party apps for access to its data. What the protestors want is that charge to be far more realistic than what it will be if and when Reddit follows through on its current plans.

Notably, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman today sent out an internal memo that subsequently leaked. In the memo, Huffman shows no signs of backing down, claiming this protest “will pass.” It appears protestors will need to stick this out for the long haul.

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