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What wattage is the official Steam Deck charger?

You can eke out a little more speed with third-party chargers, but not much.
June 27, 2023
Steam Deck Portal in hand
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Many of us learn the hard way, at some point, that charger wattage matters — it’s distinctly terrible to realize your phone or laptop is only half-charged right before you need to leave somewhere. That’s especially true with Valve’s Steam Deck, which has a short battery life even when it’s fully topped off.

What wattage is the official Steam Deck charger?

Steam Deck top ports
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Valve’s own USB-C charger supplies 45W of power. The cable isn’t detachable, so you can’t upgrade the adapter separately for better output.

Can I use any charger to charge my Steam Deck?

Technically anything that connects via USB-C should deliver power, but the Steam Deck consumes around 15W or so while active, so you’ll need at least that to sustain a Steam Deck and more to gradually recharge it. Realistically, we wouldn’t use anything less than a 45W adapter.

For maximum charging speeds you’ll want a 65W adapter. Anything with power beyond that is useable, but won’t make a difference — charging will be limited to what the Steam Deck can handle.

Another point to consider is the cable you’re using. For the best performance you’ll want a pure USB-C to USB-C cable, ideally one labeled as supporting “fast” or “quick” charging. At the least it should be marked for USB PD (Power Delivery).

Where can I get a replacement charger for my Steam Deck?

Anker 747 Charger

Just about any major electronics retailer should be able to help, as long as they stock adapters and cables meeting the specs we’ve mentioned. You don’t need something specifically designed for the Steam Deck. Check out our roundups of the best wall chargers and USB-C cables for some starting points.