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Status aims to automatically let your friends know what you're up to

Status is an automatic "away message" for your mobile device. Would you use it?
December 3, 2014

Remember when your parents bought you your first smartphone? They probably said something along the lines of, “You better answer your phone when I call or I’ll take it away.” Well, what if you didn’t answer? What if you were so busy that you couldn’t pick up the phone or text back? Many of us still have these problems, as loved ones are always wondering where we are, especially if we don’t answer. A new app called Status aims to fix that problem.

Perhaps the best way to describe Status would be to compare it to an instant messenger away message. You set an away message before you go out for the day, and leave it to screen your calls. Say for instance, your mother texts you. If you’re in a meeting and Status is set up, she’ll get an automatic message reading, “in a meeting.” Of course, this could be particularly dangerous in the case of an emergency, but that’s just the risk you take when using an app like this.

Status doesn’t just deal with texts… it can also take care of phone calls. This is particularly awesome on the Android app because it integrates directly into the dialer app. If a loved one has Status installed and gives you a call when your away message is running, they’ll get a pop up in the dialer, notifying them that you likely won’t answer.

Also available is a blocking mode called “off the grid” that temporarily blocks you from being seen on the app. If this mode is turned on, your away message simply defaults to “out and about.” Status can access your car’s Bluetooth connection as well as calendar appointments, so you don’t always need to set it up manually. Again, we can see how this could create a positive or very negative situation. The app also keeps track of battery status, location services, and loads of other situations.

All in all, this an awesome idea. We’re seeing automation more and more in our everyday lives, and it looks like Status is trying to push that forward. If you’re interested, head to the Play Store to download Status for free.