When Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy first debuted on the PC back in 2003 it received mostly positive praise, with one of its strongest points being that it gives you a lightsaber from level one, with no need to ‘earn it’ later in the game. Additionally, the lightsaber interface, player customization options and solid game mechanics were all factors in what made the game a success.

For those looking to relive the classic, or even try it for the first time, Beloko Games has now found a way to bring Jedi Academy to Android with their new Jedi Academy Touch app. The app itself is just $1.95 and includes support for both the touchscreen and physical controllers.

Like Beloko’s other touch ports such as Doom and Quake, it’s important to know straight up that JA Touch does NOT contain the Jedi Academy data files, instead it is a port of the game’s engine. Luckily, getting the game fully working on your Android device is as easy as copying a couple of files from the PC version of the game.

As for getting a hold of the PC version, right now you can grab the game from Steam for just $6.99. Between the original game and the touch app, that means a total investment of $8.94 — this might seem steep at first, but remember this a full game with no in-app purchases or other limitations often found in many of today’s mobile games.

For more details or to grab the app for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.