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Sprint probably passing on the Priv

The Now Network has - via a Twitter reply - just confirmed that it no longer plans to release the BlackBerry Priv.
April 11, 2016
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Last week brought forth a bevy of Berry coverage as it was revealed the Canadian company’s first Android handset, the Priv, failed to make an impact. This in turn brought forth talk of bowing out of the market and intentions to refocus efforts on more mid-range models. At a time like this, every little bit helps, and thus commitments by carriers to sell smartphones is important.

Unfortunately for Sprint customers, the carrier has issued a rather sobering reply to a user’s question in regards to if the Now Network will make a firm decision to sell the Priv. In a Tweet on Sprint Care, the following appeared:

The Sprint Care representative’s statement that “we will no longer carry the BlackBerry PRIV” is rather clear, though given that the product itself never actually released to begin with perhaps “will not be carrying” is a more appropriate answer.

While no details were given, the decision is likely related to several issues, including (1) timing – the phone was first made available last November – (2) the cost of the device – it’s expensive – (3) overall consumer demand – probably not very high at this point – and (4) what is arguably a lack of confidence it would meet sales expectations – see point #3.

It should be mentioned that while Sprint Care’s Tweet seems pretty definitive, this was not an official PR statement by the company itself. There is, thus, a slight chance it could be misinformed, or – if it’s indeed true – possibly reversed in the future. Stranger things have happened.

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Still, this marks yet another hurdle that BlackBerry has to overcome as it raises concerns as to if Sprint will opt to pass on their company’s future offerings as well. Likewise, the break in carrier commitment might also play into the strategy implemented by its competitors.

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