The much anticipated Lollipop update for Sony Xperia devices could arrive from next week, according to a posting on Sony’s official Indonesian Facebook page.

Back in January, Sony hinted it would begin rolling out Lollipop from February, but as we’re approaching mid-March, we’re yet to hear anything solid. Unofficially, we’ve been hearing that Sony is leaving phones other than the Xperia Z series behind and we’ve got a glance at what Lollipop may look like thanks to a couple of leaked screenshots.

Now we may finally get to see that promised update. Sony Indonesia says the Lollipop OTA is scheduled for week 12, which is next week. Of course, this is only valid for Indonesia, as Sony will probably opt for a staged roll out, and there’s no information on which devices will actually get their Lollipop serving. There is, however, a partial changelog mentioned in the posting, which includes:

  • A “bold new user interface” inspired by Google’s Lollipop and Sony’s “expertise”
  • Improved lock screen with notification cards
  • Multi-user support
  • Ability to move apps to microSD

The OTA file will be about 1.2GB in size, according to the post, and take about 20 minutes to install.

Again, we shouldn’t read too much into this, even if it comes from an official channel – things can change last minute, and even if Sony does begin to push out Lollipop in Indonesia next week, you may have to wait a lot more, depending on your market and carrier.