If you’re looking forward to using the current devices under the Sony Google TV line, you will be pleased to know that GTVHacker has given a root for them. The root, called ‘The GTVHacker Sony Recovery Downgrader & Rebooter,’ gives users the ability to root and run custom unsigned kernels on their Sony Google TV device.

So what does this root really do? Even though it isn’t quick and easy, the root will convert your Sony Google TV (as well as your Google TV 2.0 powered Blu-ray player) into a custom kernel running machine. In layman’s terms, this will give you the ability to expand the capabilities of the internet TV platform of the device. Moreover, you can stream content that’s normally blocked by your network TV and cable provider.

You can get full instructions on doing the root from GTVHacker or wait until we post an (reasonably) easier how-to for the root soon. Because the root isn’t as easy as others, you will need to practice some caution as well as a working knowledge on the command line of Windows. If not, experimenting on the method might wipe out any stored data on your device; or worse, you might brick it. So as always, root at your own risk.

Christine Torralba
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