In what appears to be a rash move, Sony has decided to shut its online store down come August 28th at 1:00 PM PST. After this date and time, no more sales will be conducted and you will be forced to find your Sony products elsewhere.

The reasoning for making this decision continues to be a mystery. Sony is keeping pretty quiet for now, but they do mention they are working on “improving their online experience” and “will have an exciting new product website that includes their authorized retailers”.

In short: the Japanese manufacturer will no longer sell directly to its customers. Instead, they will point you in the direction of other stores that carry Sony products.

You can go ahead and make any purchases until then. Be sure to use your gift cards if you have any, for they will be useless after the 28th. Everything else should work as usual. You can even make returns if you purchased your products on, or before, closing time.

Does Sony need its own online store?

Of course, purchasing directly from the manufacturer brings a certain level of comfort to a customer. It’s nice to know the website is legit and you don’t have to deal with any third parties. We are just not sure that warm fuzzy feeling should keep the online Sony store open. Maybe it’s just not financially viable for them to act as a retailer.

In the end, it honestly makes no difference to me, as a user. I always buy my Sony products at other stores, anyways. How do you feel about this move, though? Do you worry that it will be impossible to buy your gadgets directly from Sony?

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