Snapseed new

Snapseed, one of the more intuitive and powerful photo editing apps in Google Play, has just received a big update to version 2.0. The update, which is now live in the Play Store, has received multiple new effects, tools, filter options and non-destructive editing.

First up on the list is the redesigned interface. The way in which you edit a photo hasn’t changed, but mostly everything else has. Tapping the floating action button on the bottom right will pull up a big list of available tools and filters to choose from. Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast, intelligent perspective Transform and Spot Healing have all been added to the tools menu, which should all be welcome additions to fans of the app.

Snapseed update

Snapseed now supports non-destructive editing, so you can re-edit or undo any change you’re unhappy with. You can also copy edits from one image to another, which makes editing multiple photos at once much easier.

The update to version 2.0 is now live in the Play Store, and you can check for the new version by following the link below. If it’s been awhile since you’ve used the app, now may be a good time to try it again. Don’t want to wait for the update? Head here to download the apk.

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