Google is rolling out yet another pretty big update to its popular Snapseed photo editor for Android. The latest version of the app is 2.17, and it adds three big new tools, including one called Double Exposure that lets users blend two pictures into one.

Google stated that the new Double Exposure tool will let users choose from different blending modes. They added that these modes were inspired by analog film techniques as well as digital image processing. You can see an example of the final results in the image above that shows New York City scenes that appear to be inside glass containers.

Another new tool in the Snapseed update is Face Pose, which will users correct the pose of portrait based on three dimensional models. Finally, the new Expand tool will offer users a way to increase the size of their canvas, along with a way to fill up all that extra space using content from the original image.

Snapseed 2.17 also has some other smaller improvements, including adding local looks and QR looks support to the Brush tool and Stacks Brushing. This looks like it will be a solid update for photo editors on Android, especially the new Double Exposure tool. We would imagine that we will see a lot of blended images posted by Snapseed users using that new feature. Be aware that the update is still rolling out so it may take a little while to reach your device.

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