At Google I/O, Google announced that with Android Wear 2.0, smartwatches will support third-party keyboards. SnapKeys knew this was going to happen at some point and developed a new keyboard for smartwatches, now with round smartwatch support.

The keyboard has six keys that can “intelligently” predict what you are trying to type. SnapKeys claims that you can type just as fast on this keyboard as on your smartphone, with 80 words per minute “achievable by users”. In addition to just tapping the keys, the user can also swipe on the keys to type, if they prefer.

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Snapkeys has always been trying new things in the world of smartwatches, with them even launching a Kickstarter campaign last year with the idea of making a smartwatch with the sole purpose of making typing fast and easy on your wrist. With Android Wear, they aim to do the same with their latest update. To see the keyboard in action, be sure to check out the video above.