Talk about a successful funding campaign! The Slick stabilizer project has only been on Indiegogo for under 12 hours and it already blasted through its $50,000 goal. They have managed to get over $63,000 in funds… and have 45 days to go! What is this SLICK thing all about, and why is everyone rushing to sign up for it?

The title says it all. Or at least it’s what the company states about the product, and we have to say they are not too far from the truth. This is a GoPro stabilizer that will make your action videos smoother than ever. This is not your average stabilizer – the SLICK is a motorized gadget that can measure pitch, roll and yaw. It offers a complete stabilizing mechanism that is sure to offer the best results. In addition, the SLICK is waterproof, compact and features a removable battery that can last up to 2 hours in use.


To make matters even better, the SLICK doesn’t need much of an operational manual. One simply attaches the GoPro camera to the SLICK, and then places the stabilizer in any GoPro mount (all are compatible… even with drones). After this, switch the device on and you are set. Just let SLICK work its magic!

This handy accessory is compatible with all modern GoPro cameras, including the 3, 3+, 4 and 4 Session. Want to see it in action? The team has put together some videos showing the results, compared to a GoPro without the stabilizer. The difference is astounding!

Want in on the action? All early bird specials are now gone, but you can still get a good discount if you back the Indiegogo campaign. Customers can get a SLICK stabilizer for as low as $229, as opposed to the $279 planned retail price. It’s also possible for backers to obtain a couple SLICK devices by pledging $429. And if you really want to go all out, $1049 will grant you 5 SLICK stabilizers.

It’s not exactly a cheap gadget, but you can be sure it will improve the quality of your action videos. No one likes those shaky clips! Are any of you signing up for one of these? I am not a huge GoPro user, but if you are, this thing is totally worth the cash!


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