If you’ve ever had a difficult time expressing your true emotions through a simple text or emoji, Skype has just introduced a new feature that might help. Now when you’re sending text messages to your friends and family, you can use a new feature called Mojis. Mojis are short animations of popular television and movie clips that you can easily send to whomever you’d like with just a few taps. It’s basically like sending your friends an animated GIF, but with sound.

To send a Moji, simply tap on the emoticon button from within Skype. You can browse by movie or by expression, preview the Moji and drop it in the chat from there.

The Skype team says they’ve handpicked some of the funniest and most iconic moments from some of the best television shows and movies out there. They’ve teamed up with Universal Studios, Disney Muppets, BBC and other studios to bring new Mojis to the platform. The first Moji release will consist of clips from Despicable Me, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, Jurassic Park, The Muppets and many more. To get a good look at what Mojis can offer, check out the short Muppets clip below:

The new Mojis feature is rolling out to Skype for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS as we speak, so head to the Play Store link below to grab the latest version.

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