If you’ve been considering getting into Android app development and are looking for a guide to help you on your journey, Google has your back thanks to a new free e-book that has hit Google Play Books, titled “Secrets to App Success”.

The new book is meant for those that already have coding knowledge, so therefore it doesn’t really dig into that. Instead, the book focuses on setting up on Google Play, developing engaging and high-quality apps, and how to make money on your apps.

The e-book also talks about Material Design, which isn’t surprising, considering Google has being doing its best to get developers ready for their new design language with the arrival of Lollipop. Some of the other subjects include understanding analytics, improving the app experience and so forth.

Here’s a look at the sections you’ll find in the book:

  • Publishing on Google Play — using the Google Play Developer Console to distribute your app to over 1 billion Android users worldwide.
  • Quality — The fundamentals of building a great app and an insight into the Google Play guidelines and policies.
  • Discoverability & reach — Maximizing your app’s discoverability and reaching the widest audience possible.
  • Engagement & retention — Converting installations into active users and improving user retention.
  • Monetization — Monetization strategies to generate ongoing, growing revenue streams.
  • Measurement with Google Analytics — Understanding your users and improving your app experience, conversions, and marketing.
  • Going global — Launching your app in local markets around the world.

Skimming through it, we get the impression there isn’t much new here for seasoned pros. That said, if you are a newer developer still learning the ropes, this could be an interesting reference guide. To grab the e-book, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play Books.