Update (6/4): A few months ago we reported that the beta version of Samsung’s Internet Browser was available in the Play Store. When it launched on Google Play, it was not only compatible with Samsung’s own devices, but also Nexus and Pixel devices. If you’ve been waiting for the stable version of the browser to open up to non-Samsung devices, today’s your lucky day.

Samsung Internet Browser is now available for Samsung, Nexus, and Pixel devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. Have a Pixel or Nexus device and want to give it a shot? Download it at the Play Store link below:

Original post (3/6): From the very beginning, Samsung and its TouchWiz have had its own apps for everything: its own calendar, its own email app, its own browser, and even its own app store. Some have survived to this day, and one of them is the Samsung Internet browser. Indeed, I have two browsers on my S7, just as I did on my S6, and the S5 before that and so on. Now, Samsung has released a beta version of that browser, and it’s compatible with certain “Galaxy and Nexus phones.” And yes, that includes the Google Pixel as well.

(Update: Video added) This is Samsung's Good Lock UI for Android

If you have a Nexus device or a Pixel phone and for some odd reason you’ve been wanting to try out Samsung’s web browser, this is your chance: the South Korean electronics giant has released a beta version of the app, and it’s now free to download from the Play Store. Curiously, Samsung notes, “Officially supported devices are all Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus phones with Android 5.0 and above.” But to clarify, it looks like that sentence encompasses Google’s newest smartphone duo as well since it runs perfectly fine on Pixel devices.

But to clarify, it looks like that sentence encompasses Google’s newest smartphone duo as well since it runs perfectly fine on Pixel devices.

There are a few additional features here that are not found in the stable release: there’s now an indicator for Progressive Web Apps, an integrated QR code reader much like Chrome, and Physical Web support. It supports the Payment Request API, so you can make online transactions using Samsung Pay within the browser. In terms of entertainment, you can view 360-degree videos without a VR device, and it has a pop-up player similar to the Picture-In-Picture mode found on iOS. If you are a thrifty shopper, it can even automatically compare prices to Amazon when shopping online.

The beta version is based on Chromium 51, and although you may not be able to download it directly from the Play Store depending on where you are, here is the APK file just in case you are curious to give it a try.