Looking for a new adventure game that features beautiful graphics and a unique gameplay style? You may want to check out Samorost 3. The game, from Machinarium developer Amanita Design, was released for the PC earlier this year and is now out for Android in the Google Play Store.

Samorost 3 may be the third game in this series, but the previous installment, Samorost 2, was launched way back in 2005. Needless to say, the third game has taken a while to complete. It centers on a space gnome who sets out on a journey across several planets, helping others along the way. He’s also trying to figure out what the deal is with a magical flute that was discovered near his home.

The game has a very unique art style that looks much like early 20th century fantasy illustrations. It’s worth noting that Samorost 3 does not use any dialog; instead, you see characters “speak” through the use of animated thought bubbles. Again, if you are looking for a game that isn’t the typical shooter or RPG, Samorost 3 might be worth looking into. It can be purchased from the Google Play Store now for $4.99.

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