Rovio is certainly best known as the creators and developers of the hugely popular Angry Birds mobile game series. Indeed, a new entry in the franchise, Angry Birds Islands, recently soft launched inĀ Japan and Taiwan, and another game, the match-three titleĀ Angry Birds Blast, went live worldwide in late December. However, the Finland-based Rovio is branching out into new territory for its latest game Battle Bay, which launched worldwide today. It’s a MOBA-style game that puts players in control of small, but very well armed, boats on the choppy waves of various bays.

The free-to-play game lets players choose from several different classes of boats, ranging from tough defensive watercraft to ones with lots of weapons to one that helps to fix other damaged vessels. Much like Angry Birds, Battle Bay employs a colorful cartoon-like art style as players fight their online opponents in multiplayer matches. They can earn currency after matches to upgrade their weapons, items and more content. There’s also support for guilds as players can team up and compare their scores on online leaderboards.

Overall, Battle Bay looks like it’s meant to be a fun online multiplayer action game that’s doesn’t take a lot of time to jump in and play. The cartoon look and its sea-based locations make it stand out from the crowd of MOBA mobile titles. Keep in mind there is support for in-game purchases that range from $4.99 to $99.99 per item.

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