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Reverse Tether: Sharing your PC's Internet connection to your Android phone


Published onMay 8, 2012

Don’t you just hate it when your phone’s Internet connection is cut off? A lack of Internet connection really screws things up, especially if you are downloading something very important. You don’t have to worry anymore because there is now a way for you to enjoy the Internet on your phone by using your computer’s Internet connection. How, you ask? There’s an app called Reverse Tether that will do the trick for you. Read on to know more about Reverse Tether.

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Apart from calling and text messaging functions, your Android device is quite useless without the Internet. With out an Internet connection, you cannot download apps, movies, music or even use most of your apps. That won’t be a problem anymore because there’s a new way to access your computer’s Internet connection. Reverse Tether is an app developed by lightlan and is especially useful if you have a limited mobile data plan or none at all. Use Reverse Tether to enjoy your computer’s fast Internet connection without paying for any extra charges on your monthly bill. You can also choose to show your connection as 3G.

How It Works

To use Reverse Tether, simply connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Using the app is very easy because the the app will guide you on how to set things up on your computer. There is no need for accompanying software; all you need is your phone’s drivers installed on your computer for Reverse Tether to work. On the other hand, if you know your way around your computer, there is also an option for manual configuration.

After you have set Reverse Tether up, you can connect to the Internet instantly and easily. Every time you want to access the Internet, simply plug your phone into your computer via the USB cable and you’re set.

Although setting up the app is quite easy, there are a few things that you need before you can install it. First and foremost, you need to have your device rooted for Reverse Tether to work. You also need to have a tether option on your device and you computer should have an option to edit the network connections, which most computers do.


Reverse Tether also has some downsides. One great limitation of Reverse Tether is that it is not guaranteed to work on all devices. Based on the reviews, the app worked on some devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy 5, and Sony Xperia Arc. Factors like carrier restrictions or the configuration of your phone will determine whether Reverse Tether will work on your phone. Also, the app is not free and although there is a trial version, it only allows you to connect for a certain length of time.

Some users, however, were able to use Reverse Tether on their phone and connected to the Internet with ease. Try Reverse Tether now and have a back up plan in case you lose phone’s Internet connection. You can download Reverse Tether from the Google Play Store.

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