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AI replaces transcribing entirely with Reportex

Reportex uses artificial intelligence to transform audio files into editable text with extreme accuracy. Get this: editing the text edits the audio file live.

Published onJuly 10, 2018

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Artificial Intelligence do some pretty impressive things, from self-driving cars to the eerie eye-glutted landscapes of Deepmind’s dream visions. It’s expected that AI will help technology replace the bulk of human jobs over the course of the next couple of decades.

Most recently, however, we’ve seen a company take aim at the mind-numbing task of transcribing. After playing around a bit with the software, we can see what all the buzz around Reportex is about.

Before we dive into what Reportex does, let’s take a look at the problem it solves.

Reportex saves transcribers time and money with cutting edge AI

Transcribing from audio to text has always been an arduous process for everyone from reporters to interviewers to public speakers to students. A sampling of career interviewers revealed that the most common approach to moving voice to text involves playing the audio over and over, typing as quickly as possible to keep up, then manually rewinding to keep transcribing.

The second most common solution is outsourcing, which doesn’t so much solve the problem as much as it just passes it off to someone else to go through the same rigmarole.

Reportex aims to save transcribers time and money by having robots do the work for them, with better accuracy and adaptability.

Reportex is an affordable subscription service that ensures you’ll never find yourself typing and rewinding ever again. The way it works is simple: record your audio as you normally would, then upload the file to the Reportex servers.

The most modern speech recognition software then translates your dictation or interview into editable text displayed alongside a visualization of the audiofile.

But here’s where Reportex really shines. It’s one of those ideas that’s so simple and effective that we wish we’d thought of it.

Reportex ties textual content with its analogous audio component. Delete a sentence, it disappears from the audio. Move a paragraph, the audio file adjusts the content to match on the fly.

This is a revolutionary tool

Not only does this allow you to capture all the textual content of an audio file without the hassle of manual transcription or outsourcing, but it also lets you create highlight reels or custom audio clips with ease.

This makes editing out unnecessary verbiage a cinch, and if you’re interviewing someone who seems to have a hard time getting to the point, trimming the fat from their diatribe no longer calls for ibuprofen.

Once you’re done editing, you can simply download the audio file and text that you want, and boom. What might have taken you an afternoon is done in a few minutes.

This is a revolutionary tool for those of us who frequently find themselves chatting with industry professionals on camera and scribbling summary articles of the video content.

Reportex is surprisingly inexpensive and available worldwide

It’s also not hard to imagine a legion of Fivver workers subscribing to Reportex and then profiting by selling their transcription services (which are actually performed by artificial intelligence) to reporters and speakers who aren’t in the know.

Whatever your use, be it for profit, personal, or professional, Reportex is surprisingly inexpensive. All users get a free trial of 20 minutes of audio transcription to see the process at work, and there are three tiers of service for those who like what they see.

Reportex has pricing models in euros, but their service is available globally.

The starter kit will run you €9 (about $10.50) per month, and you get 1 hour of audio per month, but the first two months will only cost you €1 each. For €19, you get 4 hours, and for €39 you get 10 hours.

See below for the full breakdown if you’re interested:

If you’re interested in ditching the most monotonous part of your job or want to start leveraging AI to your benefit, click the button below to check out the full details on Reportex


This article is brought to you by our friends at Reportex.

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