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Just days ago, HTC announced its new 10 handset, and the device has been making major headlines ever since: About its all new design, its high spec internals, and especially its premium price. It seems the news is unlikely to stop any time soon however, with today bringing in new content about confusing HTC 10 Lifestyle specs. The latest however, comes from Taiwanese site ePrice which claims the elusive HTC 10 red-color variant will be a Japan exclusive, adding more credibility to rumors that had already begun to circulate.

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Specifically, the Red 10 is supposed to be tied to KDDI au, one of the countries three major carriers. au, which occupies the third spot of the trio, has enjoyed a long history with HTC products. The color is said to be called, Camellia Red and indeed it is distinctive, though the front panel is still black. As of the time this piece is published, neither KDDI au nor HTC’s Japanese website even mention the existence of the new smartphone period, let alone have mention of a red variant.

For those about to turn red with green envy at the prospect of such a product being particular to Japan, consider that the Huawei Nexus 6P in Gold was originally “exclusive” to Japan but eventually released in the USA. Even HTCs own products, such as the original Butterfly, was originally said to be a Japan exclusive but made its way to Asia. Suffice to say that the red color model will probably be released in a more global – or at least Asian – context later in the year, though at the moment this is just speculation.

Perfume - HTC 10 - Handset - Image - KDDI

At the very least, this new color potential offers a bit more variety than the more commonplace black, white, and gold makes that have been so popular these days.

Are you excited about a potential red HTC 10? Would you buy it for you or a loved one? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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