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ReadySip is the hot beverage monitor you never knew you needed

An interesting Kickstarter project is looking to make sipping coffee a little less dangerous. It’s called ReadySip.

Published onDecember 3, 2015

An interesting Kickstarter project is looking to make sipping coffee a little less dangerous. It’s called ReadySip, and it’s a pretty interesting little device.

We all know the problem because we’ve all been there before ourselves. You pour yourself a tall mug of fresh brew, but then you get distracted reading something and forget what you’re doing. Without giving it time to cool, you unconsciously take a sip, and the molten lava burns off all your buds. Now everything will taste like paper for the next two days. Smooth move, champ.

But you’ve got to take that risk at some point. As easily distracted as you are, you might just forget that you made that cup of coffee, and by the time you remember to drink it, it’s gone cold.

I’m a caffeine fiend more than I am a coffee lover, so historically my solution to this has been to just scoop some ice into my coffee as soon as it comes out. Diluted coffee isn’t that great, but at least it gets the buzz in quick and I know I’m going to be able to taste dinner later on.

ReadySip has a far more sophisticated solution than mine. The device is effectively a digital kitchen thermostat with a simple visual indicator and a smartphone companion app. After you make your coffee, you drop the thermometer into your cup and the stylish LED indicator will glow red, letting you know your beverage is too hot to enter a human body. Once it cools down to your ideal temperature, the indicator changes to green. A blue light will show when your drink is getting too cold.

But how does ReadySip know what your ideal temperature is? That’s where the smartphone app comes in. You can use the app to adjust ReadySip to your exact preferences. The creators are also saying that this is an eco-friendly solution as well because the thermostat end of the device replaces disposable coffee stirrers. This feels like a bit of a stretch, you know, because spoons exist. Still, not a bad selling point.

ReadySip creators are seeking $20,000 before January 16, 2016. Donation tiers are offering ReadySip products to backers pledging $20, $25, and $30 in limited slots. If their funding goals are met, ReadySip promises to be in full production by May with the ability to ship globally.

What are your thoughts on the ReadySip? Let us know in the comments!

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