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Reader's Choice: Pick the best camera phone of 2022 in our blind shootout

Have your say in picking the best smartphone camera of 2022 by voting in this shootout.

Published onDecember 17, 2022

EoY 2022 cameras close saturated
Robert Triggs / Android Authority
Update December 20, 2022 -- 07:00 AM: The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to taking pictures, but which is truly the best camera phone of 2022? We’re here to enlist your help to find out.

We’ve already dug deep into minute differences between the latest and greatest camera phones side-by-side (check out our various camera shootouts this year), but we want our readers to have a say in which phone really stands out. The best way to do that is with an unbiased, blind shootout. No brand loyalty or historic preferences; we’re focusing solely on which pictures look the best.

To figure out which smartphone camera comes away with the crown, we’ve whittled down our shortlist to just four handsets. These are phones we reviewed with the best camera scores (all 4/5 or above), as well as being available on global markets, so they’re phones our readers can actually buy.

We took these phones out for an afternoon to just shoot whatever. No specific testing requirements; just point, crop, shoot. It’s down to you to tell us which performed the best. Let’s get stuck in.

Housekeeping rules: Before voting, I highly recommend you check out the high-resolution images in this Google Drive folder for the best possible look at all the photos. We removed the metadata so as not to give any clues away, but they’re otherwise unedited. The anonymous device names are consistent across every photo, so Device A is the same handset for all photos, the same for Device B, etc.

When it comes to voting, pick a score out of five for each device, keeping in mind its overall performance regarding color, detail, white balance, etc. Scores don’t have to be ranked; you can award everything a five or everything a one if that’s what you think. Bonus points to anyone in the comments who can correctly identify any of the phones. Let’s dive into the gallery.

Best cameras of 2022 image gallery

Reader’s Choice: The best camera phone of 2022 voting

It’s time to score the handsets. You can award each device a score of one (rubbish), three (about average), or up to five (amazing) in the polls below. These scores aren’t a strict order ranking, so feel free to award the same score to multiple devices if you feel they’re about as good as each other.

The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting.

Thanks for voting in Android Authority’s reader’s choice for the best camera of 2022. Stay tuned for the results of your votes in the coming days.

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