Looking for a good Android TV set? Sadly, the good sets tend to cost a fortune, but RCA is here to try and set the record straight, proving you can have a quality Android TV-powered screen without having to spend all your savings.

They didn’t get too creative with the name, as it is simply called the RCA XLD55G65RQ. The moniker is not really what matters here, though. This TV will come in 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch version. They have a UHD 4K resolution and start at only $499. Have we caught your attention?

Of course, you can expect everything that comes with owning an Android TV. Users will enjoy the large screen optimization the operating system offers, as well s access to the Google Play Store and over 1200 TV-optimized applications.

“The RCA brand was built on TV, and that category continues to be a primary focus for the business. Smart TV, featuring full Android capability, truly addresses the future of TV viewing experiences, and offers it at a price point a wide range of consumers can afford. This new 4K UHD Android TV adds another opportunity for RCA to address retail demand for affordable innovation with a brand that consumers have long known and trusted.” -Marie-Josee Cantin Johnson, VP Licensing, Technicolor

Let’s talk money. After all, it’s what makes these TVs so desirable. There are two versions for each screen size: standard and premium. The 50-inch versions cost $499 and $599, accordingly. Meanwhile, the 55-inch sets are priced at $699 and $799. The larger, 65-inch model will cost you $999 and $1099.

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Who’s interested? We say those are some good deal, compared to other Android TV competitors. For example, Sony’s cheapest Android TV is $699, and it only has a 1080p resolution. We wish we knew more about the specs inside these televisions, as well as display quality, but at this price and offering 4K we can’t get too picky.

The release date is set for June, so you have a while to think about it.

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