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Quick game review: Temple Run for Android!


Published onMarch 29, 2012

At long last, the much anticipated Android version of Temple Run is available! It was extremely popular on the iOS platform and the developers, Imangi Studios, said they would release an Android version on the 27th of march, which they did. In the two days it’s been released, it’s risen high-high up in the Play Store – So is it as addictive and fun as the iOS version? Let’s find out…

What’s it all about?

You control a temple raider who just stole a sacred and cursed idol. As he emerges from the shrine he is chased by what look like half monkey/half dog demons. You’ve got to keep him running and out the way of danger! This isn’t very easy though, as he will increase his speed over time. This would be fine if there weren’t bends and obstacles to dodge along the way. As soon as he hits one, the monkey-dogs get you and it’s game over.

The objective of the game is to keep the raider alive for as long as possible, while simultaneously covering more and more ground.

Unlockables and power-ups

The point of collecting the coins in the game? To spend them in the store! You can spend them on new characters, utilities, and power-ups which become so useful as you run further and further. The power ups help speed you up, dodge obstacles and amass more coins as you play.

If you run out of coins you can make in-app purchases to acquire more without playing the game to earn them. This is totally optional though and nothing in the game is restricted if you don’t buy them. I like this version of in-app payment, since you get the full unrestricted game for free with the opportunity to speed things up if you wish. Unfortunately, lot’s of other games and applications with in-app purchases aren’t as kind as this one is.

A good game? You bet it is!

Temple Run has all the qualities any smartphone game needs to be fun. It’s addictive, easy-to-play, and never-ending. This makes it difficult to put down, and perfect for those moments when you wouldn’t want to put it down, such as when trying to pass the time.

Did I mention it was tablet-optimised? No? Well it is! High definition graphics on a larger device mean you can enjoy Temple Run on a high quality screen and don’t have to suffer with stretching. Everything looks crisp and runs well, so kudos to Imangi Studios for that!

Can’t find it in the Google Play Store?

Many of our readers have reported that they couldn’t find Temple Run when it first came out. Although it’s featuring as a top-downloaded game (making it easier to find) here is a direct link to help you out if it’s not turning up in searches. For some people it is just way down the list, for whatever reason.


The game is free on the Play Store, so go check it out! If you install it, let us know your views on like Temple Run. What’s the furthest you’ve gotten? Let us know below!