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PS5 size and weight: With or without the box

It's large and heavy, but by how much?

Published onOctober 14, 2023

PlayStation 5 PS5 images next to controllers 1

Are you looking to get a PlayStation 5? You may be wondering what the PS5 weight and dimensions are. We often overlook these details, but it can be important to figure out if the console will fit wherever we want to place it. Additionally, these are important factors to consider for transporting the PlayStation 5. Especially since we found it to be “massive” during our PS5 review.


The PS5 weight and dimensions will vary depending on which version you have. The newest revision of the PS5 is from late 2023. These models are lighter and weigh 3.2kg for the Blu-ray version, while the Digital Edition is 2.6kg. The newer standard PS5 measures 358 × 96 × 216mm. The 2023 PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is 358 × 80 × 216mm.

Keep reading to learn more about the previous-generation PS5 weight and dimensions, as well as box specifications.


How much does a PS5 weigh

PS5 stock images on stand 5

As mentioned in the quick answer above, the PlayStation 5 has different weights, depending on the model you have. Let’s go over each variation.

  • 2023 PS5 weight: 3.2kg
  • 2022 PS5 weight: 3.9kg
  • 2021 PS5 weight: 4.2kg
  • 2020 PS5 weight: 4.5kg
  • 2023 PS5 Digital Edition weight: 2.6kg
  • 2022 PS5 Digital Edition weight: 3.4kg
  • 2021 PS5 Digital Edition weight: 3.6kg
  • 2020 PS5 Digital Edition weight: 3.9kg

What are the dimensions of a PS5

ps5 vs xbox series x front

In terms of dimensions, nothing changed between the 2020, 2021, and 2022 versions. The 2023 devices are smaller, though.

  • 2023 PS5 dimensions: 358 × 96 × 216mm
  • 2020-2022 PS5 dimensions: 390 × 104 × 260mm
  • 2023 PS5 Digital Edition dimensions: 358 × 80 × 216mm
  • 2020-2022 PS5 Digital Edition dimensions: 390 × 92 × 260mm

What are the dimensions and weight of a PS5 box

PS5 box

Of course, the console doesn’t come on its own. You’ll get a controller, along with extra accessories. Here are the details if you want to know the box dimensions and weight.

  • PS5 box dimensions: 475 x 178 x 470mm
  • PS5 Digital Edition box dimensions: 475 x 178 x 432mm
  • PS5 box weight: 6.7kg
  • PS5 Digital Edition box weight: 6.7kg


If you take the PS5 out of its box, it should fit in a significantly large backpack. It likely won’t fit on something like a standard Jansport backpack, though. The space will likely be pretty tight, though.

The standard measurements for a carry-on are 22 x 14 x 9in. This translates to about 559 x 229 x 356mm. This is more than any of the PlayStation 5 models, so the console should fit in a standard carry-on luggage bag.

Whether you are taking it on a carry-on, or checking your luggage in, the TSA has no prohibitions on full-sized video game consoles, such as the Sony PlayStation 5. That said, some airlines may have their own rules regarding this subject.

The new versions of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be available starting in November 2023, in the USA. The release date may vary in other markets.