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Pornhub study reveals what iOS and Android users are into

So what exactly are iOS and Android users up to when no one is watching? A new study conducted by Juniper and PornHub aims to answer this question.

Published onOctober 2, 2015


Regardless of your personal stance on porn, it’s pretty hard to deny that porn and technology have a very close relationship with one another. Where there’s new tech, porn is never too far behind. This has rang true for the VCR, the DVD player, Blu-Ray, the web, and even more recently, virtual reality. It’s no surprise that the same holds true when it comes to mobile phone usage. As smartphones become more commonplace, the number of people getting their porn fix from mobile has quickly jumped up.

So what exactly are iOS and Android users up to when no one is watching? A new study conducted by Juniper and PornHub aims to answer this question.

Keep in mind that this a mature topic that might not be the safest for work or for those that are offended by this kind of topic. The study goes into more detail, and gets a bit more graphic (though no nudity or anything is actually shown in the study, just lots of not-so-work friendly search terms), but we’ll at least explore some of the more intriguing trends that were discovered.

One of the biggest takeaways is that smartphone use for porn has seen a massive rise, with desktop browsing accounting for 88% of site traffic in 2010, but dropping down to 37% in 2015. When it comes to the OS used by these mobile porn watchers, 48% are Android users, 46% are on iOS, and 6% are on “other mobile” platforms.

Further breaking things down, Android is the most popular OS for porn usage in most of the world, but iOS dominates North America, Australia, and a few other select regions in Europe and Asia. Looking a bit deeper, Android is only more popular than iOS for porn in Texas and South Carolina oddly enough.


So how are Android and iOS fans spending their time on PornHub… well, beyond the obvious….? Apparently, Android fans are spending more time, with their average visit lasting around 10 minutes and six seconds, iOS user visits last about 8 minutes and 40 seconds. Read into that however you wish. The content being watched is equally… interesting.

The findings show that the top search term for both iOS and Android users is lesbians. And somehow we aren’t too surprised. From there though, things diverge a bit, with cartoon, black, teen, and step mom being the next most popular terms searched by Android users. In contrast, step mom, teen, step sister, and milf are the other top leading terms for iOS users.


As for the categories viewed? Android users are apparently 138% more likely to be into BBW (bigger women), and 91% and 97% more likely to be into cartoons and hentai. On the other side, iOS users are 134% more likely to be into milfs, 70% more likely to be into mature, and 105% more likely to be into bondage.

One of the last things we’ll focus on is gender. While it is unclear how PornHub determines gender, 74.5% are said to be male, with 25.5% female. PornHub dives deeper into the study over at their website, if you’re interested in learning more.

Tl;dr: A lot of people like porn, regardless of what mobile platform they are rocking.

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