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Pokémon Masters tier list and best free Sync Pairs!

Which are the best Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters? Find out here!

Published onSeptember 2, 2019

Pokémon Masters features over 60 famous characters from pulled from across the 20+ years of Pokémon series history. While some players will just want to collect their favorites, in DeNA’s gacha game not all Sync Pairs are created equal. In this guide, we’ve put together a Pokémon Masters tier list based on all the Sync Pairs that have been available during the game’s short lifespan.

We’ll also be listing the best free Sync Pairs for those that want a strong team without spending any cash or relying on chance!

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this Pokémon Masters tier list as new Sync Pairs are released. Also keep in mind that some Sync Pairs are only available during limited-time Scout events!

Pokémon Masters tier list

Pokemon Masters tier list Brendan Treeko

Below is a preliminary tier list for all Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters. These are split across the four Sync Pair categories: Strike (Physical), Strike (Special), Tech, and Support.

As it’s still early days for Pokémon Masters, these Sync Pair rankings are based on impressions from the dedicated folks over at the Pokémon Masters reddit and Discord, as well as our own picks.

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Keep in mind that even if you have three S Tier Sync Pairs, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a great team. As with all Pokémon games, the story mode will repeatedly hint that friendship and bonds between Pokémon and trainers is the key to victory.

This is true more than ever in Pokémon Masters! If you don’t have synergy between your Sync Pairs, you’re gonna have a bad time. Be sure to try out different Sync Pairs with complementary moves, stats, and types to find the best team compositions and battle strategies that work for you — read more on this in our Pokémon Masters tips and tricks guide!

Strike (Physical) tier list

S Tier

  • Brendan and Treecko
  • Olivia and Lycanroc

A Tier

  • Korrina and Lucario
  • Kris and Totodile
  • Noland and Pinsir
  • Roxie and Whirlipede

B Tier

  • Bugsy and Beedrill
  • Bruno and Machamp
  • Kahili and Toucannon
  • Marshal and Conkeldurr
  • Norman and Slaking
  • Roark and Cranidos
  • Sygna Suit Brock and Tyranitar
  • Tate and Solrock

C Tier

  • Iris and Haxorus
  • Kahili and Toucannon
  • Wulfric and Avalugg

Strike (Special) tier list

S Tier

  • Blue and Pidgeot
  • Karen and Houndoom

A Tier

  • Barry and Piplup
  • Gardenia and Roserade

B Tier

  • Clair and Kingdra
  • Hau and Alolan Raichu
  • Shauntal and Chandelure
  • Siebold and Clawitzer

C Tier

  • Flint and Infernape
  • Hapu and Mudsdale
  • Pryce and Seel
  • You (avatar) and Pikachu

Support tier list

S Tier

  • Hilbert and Oshawott
  • Phoebe and Dusclops

A Tier

  • Rosa and Snivy
  • Lyra and Chikorita

B Tier

  • Drake and Salamence
  • Liza and Lunatone
  • House of Marley and Arcanine
  • Roxanne and Nosepass
  • Skyla and Swanna

C Tier

  • Cheren and Stoutland
  • Cheryl and Blissey
  • Marlon and Carracosta
  • Maylene and Meditite
  • Misty and Starmie

Tech tier list

S Tier

  • Agatha and Gengar
  • Koga and Crobat
  • Will and Xatu
  • Wikstrom and Aegislash

A Tier

  • Crasher Wake and Floatzel
  • Lorelei and Lapras
  • Sophocles and Togedemaru

B Tier

  • Acerola and Palossand
  • Blaine and Ponyta
  • Clay and Palpitoad
  • Erika and Vileplume
  • Grant and Amaura
  • Janine and Ariados
  • Nanu and Persian
  • Viola and Surskit

C Tier

  • Brawly and Makuhita
  • Brock and Onix
  • Brycen and Cryogonal
  • Candice and Abomasnow
  • Flannery and Torkoal
  • Lt. Surge and Voltorb
  • Mina and Granbull
  • Ramos and Weepinbell
  • Thorton and Bronzong
  • Whitney and Miltank
  • Winona and Pelipper

Best free Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters

Pokemon Masters best free Sync Pairs

Most of the best Sync Pairs in this Pokémon Masters tier list can only be obtained through Sync Pair Scouting. While you can reroll your pulls, eventually you’ll be relying on chance to get the best pairings. Thankfully though, there are plenty of great Sync Pairs that you can get for free as unlocks through the story mode. Read on for our top five!

Rosa and Snivy

Rosa and Snivy are the best free Sync Pair in Pokémon Masters. You unlock the grass-type duo in the very first story chapter and the pair will carry you through pretty much any challenge you come across.

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When fully leveled and evolved, Rosa and the third-stage evolution Serperior have the highest defensive stats overall out of any Sync Pair. That means the enemy is guaranteed to focus on the bulky pair and leave your fragile attack line alone.

Rosa is also an incredible support pick all round with moves like X Special Atk All for powering up Strike (Special) pairs and the incredibly useful Time to Energize ability which restores your move gauge by three.

Korrina and Lucario

This fighting-type twosome is likely the first Sync Pair you’ll unlock that can Mega Evolve, becoming available after completing chapter 6 of the story mode.

With all moves unlocked, Lucario (and Mega Lucario) relies heavily on fast paced battles and a gradual stat build up with a huge payoff. Once unlocked, the move Skate on Through! Increases Attack and drastically ups Speed.

When combined with Power Up Punch as Mega Lucario which deals damage and increases Attack, Lucario becomes a lighting fast damage machine that can eventually finish off many foes with a single blow of Close Combat.

Barry and Piplup

Like Rosa and Snivy, Barry and Piplup are another early unlock (chapter 2) that benefits from being one of the few Sync Pairs that can evolve twice — first to Prinplup and finally to Empoleon.

Empoleon has one of the highest Special Attack stats in Pokémon Masters and the passive skill Power Flux 5 means the pair put out more damage when the move gauge is fuller. This helps the water-type pair synergize nicely with Rosa.

Viola and Surskit

Viola and Surskit are a late unlock during chapter 14 and — aside from the middling Flannery and Torkoal combo — are the first great Tech Sync Pair you can get for free.

This strong bug-type Sync Pair can evolve once into Masquerain and offers solid Defense and Special Defense stats. The pairing is at its best in co-op battles, however, where its trapping moves and Terrify 1 passive move prevent swapping Pokémon and dropping opponents’ Attack stats, respectively.

Koga and Crobat

This free Sync Pair is unlocked very close to the end of Pokémon Masters’ base story mode during chapter 16, but the wait is absolutely worth it for this deadly duo.

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Koga and Crobat have a blisteringly high speed stat which can be further increased with the X Speed stat and is protected from debuffs through the Haste passive skill.

Poison Fang is a decent poison attack that has a chance of inflicting progressively increasing poison damage. Not only does this down foes over time, it also leaves them open to double damage from Venoshock.

Which are your favorite Pokémon Masters Sync Pairs? Let us know in the comments!